Sydney based Groundfloor Capital is a boutique house specialising in the finance, financial planning and funds management fields.

Peter Wood and Michael Doyle are available at short notice to assist companies in times of anguish as a result of bad publicity, the unavailablity of documents such as business plans, marketing plans, Information Memorandums or a PDS, loss of image or persons of importance.

Groundfloor Capital is available for a range of services in the financial public relations arena incluidng:
- Capital Raising
- Document Buiilding - IM's, PDS, Business Plans, Marketing Plans
- Board Positions
- Image Building
- Public Relations
- Loan Facilitation
- Publishing

For further information contact Peter Wood on 0410 353 856 or email woody@peterwood.co 

Groundfloor Capital Pty Ltd
ACN 610 925 221

84 Nicholson Street
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Peter Wood is a seasoned marketer and for the past 20 years has concentrated in the Funds Managmenet, Finance and Financial Planning arenas. Peter brings large distribution hubs to the table for funds. He sits within a number of companies to advise on better distribution techniques. 
Michael Doye is even more seasoned than Peter Wood but in the merchant banking world. With 40 years experience in verything from M&A to public listing Mike knows his way around around the game.